Potatoepete would like to introduce you to Jan Our baker. Jan has been baking at Cook’s for many years. Jan creates new desserts for us all the time. There is always something new and exciting to to look forward to at the end of your meal. I almost forgot to mention the wonderful treats she prepares for the crew at the restaurant to keep them going on those busy days. Thank You Jan. :)

Click To Meet Jan.

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5 Responses to Desserts

  1. jfitz says:

    Jan makes the BEST blueberry pie. Whenever I’m up from NJ I always stop in, have my lobster/coleslaw…and BLUEBERRY pie! I’m headed up next week and I’ll be sure to stop in. Thanks Jan.
    Do you ever make “Indian Pudding?” That’s another one of my favorites…with vanilla ice-cream, of course.

  2. Judi Kirsch says:

    Both my husband and I agree with jfitz, Jan’s blueberry pie is unequalled anywhere. While visiting family in Brunswick, we always came to Cook’s for lunch or dinner. During one visit, we just had to have a whole pie to take back with us to South Carolina. During our return trip, we thought we had left it in the hotel in Havre Grace. That was one souvenier we were not going to leave behind! So we turned around to head back and look for our pie. Fortunately, the pie was tucked behind some luggage and boxes in the trunk of our car, and we discovered it pretty quickly before we went too far. Not only do we love the lobster & pie, but the staff was extraordinarily gracious and pleasant. Truly the highlight of our visit.

  3. Alan White says:

    Do they still make that amazing lobster bisque? I haven’t been back in 25 years… Want to go back…

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