Diet Restricted Healthy Menu

Cook’s Lobster House is dedicated to serving you the most delishious food to meet your dietary restrictions. If we can prepare you a special needs menu that is not listed below. please give us a call so we might be able to prepare a wonderful meal for you. The choices below are our gluten free selections.


Steamed Maine clams Served with Broth and butter.

Steamed bang Island mussels fresh from Casco Bay

Oysters and Littleneck Clams


Fresh garden Salad

Cook’s award winning coleslaw

Summer Salad


Grilled chicken Alfredo 

Charbroiled filet mignon

Charbroiled New York sirloin

Broiled Haddock

Shrimp scampi

Hot boiled Maine lobster


Hood ice cream

Homemade flourless chocolate torte

13th Cookie Confectioneries & Delights ( Coming Soon )

13th Cookie Confections are Gluten-Free, Vegan, Organic, Soy-Free and Delicious.

About Potatoepete

A Maine boy doing the best he can.
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2 Responses to Diet Restricted Healthy Menu

  1. Krystal McMillen says:

    I am writing to verify that the Alfredo sauce and the shrimp scampi do not contain any hidden gluten. Thank you for your assistance.

    • Hi Krystal,
      Sorry to take so long to respond. Just got back from vacation. The Alfredo sauce is thickened with corn starch and has no other forms of gluten in it. The Shrimp scampi has no gluten in the dish at all. Always make sure to tell your server of any restrictions you may have before ordering and we will take special care to help you have a enjoyable and healthy meal. I hope this helps.
      Best Regards,

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