The best steaks and ribs as well as lobster and seafood are found right here at Cook’s Lobster House.

Originally posted on Maine Mid Coast Tours:

Finding the best steak house restaurant in Maine is not an easy task. Maine isCharbroiled Steak known for its seafood right? Can you expect to find a restaurant in Maine that serves quality steaks and prime rib? Maine lobster and seafood is what you expect to be done right while cruising the coastal dining scene. But wait! can you find a restaurant that does both seafood and steak to perfection? We think we have.Steak and lobster tail

Steak House Restaurant is not the term that first comes to mind when describing the Kennebec Tavern Restaurant in Bath Maine. That is unless you have tried one of their delicious beef selections.  Many folks in this part of Maine travel to Bath not only to have the best seafood and lobster in the state, they also find some of the most mouthwatering steaks, filets and prime rib there too. I know, the Kennebec Tavern is known for being a lobster and…

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